Chiang Mai Zoo

Chiang Mai Zoo


Chiang Mai Zoo is an eco-tourism attraction for all tourists, a wild life learning center, one of the most fertile evergreen forest in Thailand. The visitors have the options for the sightseeing around by walking path, the open sided bus and the monorail. Recommend Point. Varieties of amazing places as upper.


Chiang Mai Zoo was establish in 1974 C.E. by Mr. Harold Mason Young an American missionary who came to Thailand as a volunteer to teach soldiers on Thailand’s border how to survive in the jungle.  He rented a piece of land to take care of many kinds of animals which has been injured by hunters at the time and when the animals had recovered he would return them to the jungle, but there were some animals that were so weak from the wounds and were not able to find food by themselves and some animals that did not leave for the jungle.

So Mr. Young took them back to his place. He raised them and opened the area as an animal educational centre as well as his private zoo. When the number of animals increased he co-operates with Chiang Mai provincial government to approve the extension of the area where animals kept to 24 acres of conserved forest area, opened on 6th April 1940. After Mr. Harold  Mason Young passed away in 1974 the Chiang Mai provincial administrative organization transferred this area to the control of the Zoological Park Organization and continued to be the official zoo of Chiang Mai since 16th June 1977. Chiang Mai Zoo has an area of more than200 acres, house more than 8,000 animals in an evergreen environment comprising two waterfalls, reservoirs, an open camping spots and animal breeding areas. It also offers some spectacular views of Chiang Mai and provides lots of recreation and other facilities.  Chiang Mai  Zoo has been supported under the patronage of his majesty the king


Chiang Mai Zoo operates with the vision of keeping Chiang Mai Zoo as a centre for valuable wilds animals and of preserving the beautiful landscape. The mission of Chiang Mai Zoo is:
1. Chiang Mai Zoo should be the pride of Chiang Mai, the North of Thailand and is to be enjoyed by everyone.
2. Chiang Mai Zoo will be a centre for displaying animals from the Northern hemisphere.
3. Chiang Mai Zoo aims to take care of the grounds so they will be attractive all year round.
4. We aim to maintain the highest standards if services and attractions for our guests as well as providing the animals clean, comfortable and suitable enclosures and providing them with vigilant health care.

More than that, Chiang Mai Zoo continues to work in every part to conserve and give knowledge
about wild life.


As regards conservation and wild life development Chiang Mai Zoo helps animals to live in an environment
which is as much as possible like their home and looks after their food and holds activities for development
by animal experts.

As regards natural resource conservation Chiang Mai Zoo holds tree planting abilities to restore the green forest, build dike dams, grow the elephant grass to prevent landslides and is always a battle field to preserve natural resources.

As regards services, Chiang Mai Zoo continues to improve the services and facilities to welcome tourist from all over the world.

As regards social services Chiang Mai Zoo accommodates services and facilities for older people
and disabled people visiting Chiang Mai Zoo such as toilets, paths, and special seats for them.

Chiang Mai Zoo is a beautiful and fertile attraction in a cool climate all year round. Fertility of forest, flowers and rare Northern orchids in Chiang Mai Zoo.

The main place for the collection of all kinds of animals from all over the world.

Giant pandas the goodwill ambassador for Thailand and People Republic of China

Lovely Koalas from Australia

Humboldt  penguins with their family from the temperate zone

Intelligent Cape Fur Seals

The only rhino in Thailand

Charming elephants

The happy family of hippopotamuses

The stately flock of Flamingoes

Long neck giraffes

Humble zebras

Ostriches from Africa

The camels king of the desert

Lions the kings of the wild

Tigers from the deep forest

Babary sheep on the high cliffs

A variety of birds in Nakornping bird garden

The nocturnal animals house

Rare animals of Thailand, Tapirus* Indicus

Many kinds of reptile

Other rare animals.

Chiang Mai Zoo aquarium, a living museum that boasts South East Asia’ s longest Sea Tube tunnel that allows fresh water and salt water creatures to coexist under one roof.

As one of the planet’s great ecosystems with nearly 2,000 species of marine creatures which await you to visit.

Snow dome: near the panda display zone the visitor will experience the imitation cold atmosphere with a snow storm from Chengdu, China the happy home of the panda family.

An instant tramcar service taking all visitors around the zoo area with an explanation about animals

The monorail to see the view of the zoo and of Chiang Mai from a high location by traveling on a monorail.

Eating facilities among the beautiful scenery.

Shops with souvenirs from Chiang Mai Zoo

Other stores to make visitors feel as comfortable as possible.

Fun Activities and Recreation

Adventure zone is a place that displays the pre-historic world.

Extreme driving with Luge cars

The animal show

Seal show



Open Daily : 8.00 - 17.00 o’clock

Show times;
Seals Show :
Monday-Friday     2 times a day 10.30 and 14.00 o’clock
Saturday-Sunday 3 times a day 10.30, 13.30, 15.00 o’clock

Animals Show :
Monday-Friday     2 times a day 11.30 and 15.00 o’clock
Saturday-Sunday 3 times a day 11.30, 14.30, 15.30 o’clock


Parking Fee :
Car 50 baht / Motorcycle 10 baht / Bicycle 1 baht

Entrance Fee :
Adults 100 baht / Children 50 baht

Panda Fee :
Adults 100 baht / Children 50 baht

Aquarium Fee :
Please contact aquarium staff at aquarium ticket booth

Snow Dome Fee :
Adults 150 baht / Children 100 baht

Adventure Park Fee :
Adults 20 baht / Children 10 baht

Open Sided Bus Fee :
Adults 20 baht / Children 10 baht

Monorail Fee :
Adults 150 baht / Children 50 baht

Chiang Mai Zoo is an eco-tourism attraction for all tourists, a wild life learning centre, one of the most fertile evergreen forests in Thailand and a recreation place near the main area of Chiang Mai with 212.4 acres on the foot hill of Suthep mountain next to Chiang Mai University.
Tel: 053-221-179

Address: Chiang Mai Zoo 100 Huay Kaew Rd., Muang, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand