Thai Elephant Conservation Center in Lampang

Thai Elephant Conservation Center in Lampang

Elephant Shows...
The show at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center is unlike many other shows that exist in Thailand. The elephants are not made to perform degrading tricks like playing football, basketball or lifting weights. They only do what they have been traditionally trained to do. One of the main reasons we train them is so that medical treatment is easier to administer.

The only exception is the painting, which the elephants love doing! The elephants display their skills in logging and their ability to respond to the commands of the mahouts. The agility of these huge beasts is breath taking. The show at the center displays one of the main objectives of the center, which is "Eco-tourism".

There are two shows a day Monday - Friday at 10:00 and 11:00. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays there are three performances, the last show starting at 1:30 Am. The shows on the weekdays finish at 12 PM. after which the elephants go to the forest until am the next day. The elephants enjoy the show and their favorite part is at the end when they get rewarded with bananas by the audience.

Elephant Rides are available from 8.30 AM to 3.30 PM daily. You can ride for either: 15 minutes, half an hour or one hour.(The one hour ride, will take you through the forest)

Hot Tip: If you come to see Elephant Show or visit for one day, you should come early. This is because the elephants all bath together at 9:45 am and then form a procession to the show ground, Before the show starts at 10:00 am. Extra bathing at 1:15 pm weekends. We are open all year round. Do not believe anyone who says otherwise.

The Thai Elephant Conservation Center
Elephant show
10.00   a.m.
11.00  a.m.
13.30   a.m.

Elephant Bathing
9.45 a.m.  and   13.15  a.m.
Ticket:  200 Baht  for adult and 100 Baht for children ( higher than 135 cm. ticket price  as adult )

Elephant riding  8.00 am – 3.30 am.

10 minutes           400 baht / elephant
30  minute           500  baht / elephant  
1  Hour                1,000  baht / elephant  

Elephant  Hospital Tel / Fax  054-247874

Mahout Training Course;

One day Mahout Training Couse ; 4,000 baht per person

This mahout training course is very suitable for some tourists who does not have a lot of time in Thailand and they would like to ride on the elephant like the mahouts in the camp… They will have a chance the learn about the elephants and mahout life in the mahout training school as following schedule..

Two days Mahout Training course ; 6,300 baht per person

We offer the same things like three day mahout training course for those tourists who think about to stay with elephants just only two day is enough for them, this two day mahout training course is for you…

Three day Mahout Training Course ; 9,000 baht per person

This Mahout Training Course is the most popular activity at Thai Elephant Conservation Center. If you are the real elephant lover, this training program is very suitable for you. As this training course is always fully booked so please make reservation in advance.

Three day VIP Mahout Training Course ; 10,000 baht per person

If you do not want to participate the elephant show every day, just take this course, and you will stay at Chang Thai Resort with Air- con room  but it ‘s just like three day popular course, but you will have opportunity to run the elephant into the forest plantation and bath them.. But do not expect to live in very comfortable area as the service is not as good as some tourist stayed before. If you want to be surrounded mahout life, I think three day popular course is great for you as you will stay at the mahout village where you can see the mahout life running at the camp.. The accommodation is for only suitable for people who love to stay in quite place.

Vip course is not available in Summer as in the forest is too hot for the elephant and there is no water to drink.. So we have avoid this dry season and try to book every one in normal course.


*** Changthai Resort   Tel/Fax:   054-829338 , 086-1815445  8.30 am. – 4.30 pm.  
1. 1- house 2 rooms  (  6 - house  ) ( 2 beds in big room and 1 bed in a small room) Price : 1,500  baht
2. 1- house 1 rooms 2 – beds (  14 - house )   Price: 1,000 Baht

Room Facilities : Air Conditioning , TV  and Fridge

*** Home stay / Fax:   054-829333 8.30 am. –  4.30 am. 
3 –  house ( 2- rooms in 1 house and  3- beds in room) Price:  500 bath/ room 

Room Facilities : Fan room and sharing Fridge

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Elephant Bathing at Thai Elephant Conservation Lampang Enjoy bathing with Elephant when you book the mahout course Enjoy bathing with Elephant when you book the mahout course
Elephant Show at Thai Elephant Conservation in Lampang @ Thai Elephant Conservation in Lampang @ Thai Elephant Conservation in Lampang
Shuttle bus to take you around the camp Home Stay at Thai Elephant Conservation in Lampang Chang Thai Resort