Rantong Care Program Full Day

Price : 2,500 Time : 08.30-16.00

Rantong Care Program Full  Day

We are trying our best to teach tourists about the past and the tremendous life the elephants had been passed through. Tourists just want to take a picture with them but they don’t have a clue about what’s behind. Still many people are abusing elephants only for a lucrative business!
At Ran-Tong camp we are really trying to ensure a better quality of life for the elephants in their natural environment, providing the right amount of food, water and not long hours of hard job.

Highlights & Features:
• No Riding Program, Feeding, Playing, Interacting and Bathing
• Here at Ran-Tong camp WE DON’T use heavy chains, hooks or sticks utilized for beating the elephants only for the joy of the tourists, WE DON’T use elephants for tricks such as painting, dancing or other unnatural positions, WE DON’T separate the elephant babies from their mother.
• We are adopting a friendly method that no other camps are using.
• Taking care of them is a really costly and strenuous process and we need all the help we can get.
• A new camp completely dedicated to the rehabilitation of baby, pregnant and injured elephants!!!
• Preservation, rehabilitation and conservation are our first targets.
• Our BABY elephants, even if young, already have seen enough cruelty from human kind.
• We have new programs in this new camp dedicated only to BABY elephants where not only you will learn about their life, but also how to make medicines and how to take care of them.
• You wont be able to ride them with these new programs, But you will have much more understanding and connection with our elephants.
• Help us to help them to have a better life!!!

• Round trip transfer from hotel to the camp
• English Speaking Tour Guide
• Lunch
• Insurance
• Elephant Trainer Clothes

• 8:00 – 8:30 AM Pick you up from your hotel / guesthouse
• You will start your elephant school, where you will learn all about the camp and these incredible creatures
• Feeding
• Making Vitamins for the Elephants including Pregnant, Injured and Old Elephants
• Lunch
• Take the elephant for a walk and let them roam and eat grass
• Take the elephant to bath
• 15:30 –16:00 PM Return to Chiang Mai

Things to bring:
• Clothes, Towel
• Shampoo, Soap, Toilet Paper, Camera
• Mosquito Spray, Snacks

Type: Join in tour
Duration: One day

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Rantong Care Program Rantong Care Program Rantong Care Program
Rantong Care Program Rantong Care Program Rantong Care Program
Rantong Care Program Rantong Care Program Rantong Care Program
Rantong Care Program Rantong Care Program Rantong Care Program