Jungle Flight Chiang Mai JF3 - Ultimate Package

Price : 2,600 Time : 4-5 hours

Jungle Flight Chiang Mai JF3 - Ultimate Package

Jungle Flight is a tree-top obstable course includes abseiling, nature walking and breath-taking zip line tour. We are comitted to protect and promoting this special area by providing jobs for local people and support the temples and community.

Enjoy stunning views of misty peaks across the valley whizzing through tunnels of thick undergrowth and soaring over rain forest. Jungle Flight is helping to preserve and protect the precious nature and way of life here for future generations.

Our professional and responsible staff are trained to the highest standards and no expense is spared on safety system. We use top of the range equipment.

Real Rainforest Ziplining

Our experience safety standards mean you can fly higher and faster with Jungle Flight, for the most exhilirating zipline experience. We searched carefully for a location of stunning, natural beauty with the strongest, hardest trees. Our magnificent Yang Na trees are flexible and sturdy, with roots deep enough to withstand the toughest weather conditions. We are passionate about caring for this tranquil paradise and preserveing it for future generations.

Since 2009 we have been dedicated to showing you true Thailand through our unique zipline experience with total safety ! This is our home, and we are very proud of it. When you see the beauty of our forests we’re sure you will be touched and amazed ! They are unlike any you have ever seen before !

We also want you to know that we work with local villagers helping them to preserve and protect their beloved rainforests. Every year we have a tree planting ceremony to ensure the future of this heavenly area in Doi Lankah. It is our pleasure to share this area and special experience with you.


JF3 - Ultimate Package includes :

 39 Platforms 

* 19 Zipline Guaranteed Longest Zipline 1,000 m. 

* Roller Coaster 1,100 m.  

* 1 Abseils 

* 2 Sky Bridges 

* Spiral Staircase 

* Nature Walk 5 Mins  

* Panoramic Views 

* Thai-Buffet Lunch 

* Souvenir Jungle Flight T-Shirt 

* First Aid insurance 

* V.I.P Transportation

Remark :

* This package is suitable for : Players 15-60 years old in good health. 

* Maximum Weight : Limit of 120 Kgs. 

* Safety : Double lock system with two safety cables. 

* Playing time : About 3 Hrs.

*4-5 HOURS from hotel pick-up to return

=== 4 Pick-Up Times ===
1) 06:30 – 07:00
2) 08:00 – 08:30
3) 09:30 – 10:00
4) 12:30 – 13:00

What to Wear : Loose fitting clothes & outdoor shoes.

What to Do : Nothing… we will take care of everything for you!

What to Expect : The adventure of a lifetime!


Authentic Thai lunch or dinner, coffee, tea, or drinking water
Free Jungle Flight T-shirt
First aid insurance
Vip Van round trip transportation
Join in tour

Operated by: Jungle Flight Chiang Mai

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With Jungle Flight you touch the heavenly lush green face of the rainforest high above Chiang Mai Jungle Flight is a new venture from two experienced Chiang Mai entrepreneurs with over 20 years of experience in the tourist industry. Rush after Rush of adreanaline experience at Jungle Flight in Chiang Mai
Jungle Flight Chiang Mai Jungle Flight Chiang Mai With 34 platforms, we are the biggest&highest zipwire through the exotic untouched Rainforest in Thailand
Have great day with Jungle Flight in Chiang Mai Jungle Flight Chiang Mai Jungle Flight Chiang Mai
Jungle Flight Chiang Mai Jungle Flight Chiang Mai Jungle Flight Chiang Mai