YOGI MAHOUT 1 Day Course

Price : 2500 Time : 08:30 a.m. - 05:30 p.m.

YOGI MAHOUT 1 day course

Embark on a journey of a lifetime, exploring nature with your own elephant, while freeing your body and mind. We welcome you all to celeb rate the positive powers of nature through the special experiences shared with your elephant.

YOGI MAHOUT is an exciting new concept that invites you to fully experience the ways of the elephants, forging an unforgettable partnership and forming everlasting memories.

Fun Activities with Elephants. Anyone can play, frolic, learn about and love elephants!

Have an Adventure of a Lifetime with your very own Elephant!

Our Teaching Methods;

To maximize the enjoyment of  your journey, we bring creative and innovative teaching methods step-by-step training on how to ride an elephant using the balancing ball yoga method.
You will learn a variety of effective postures and movement to enable you to freely play with, and ride, your elephant correctly and safely.


08.00-08.30 Pick you up from your hotel or guesthouse
     Learn elephant habit and daily life
     Learn how to communicate with elephant
     Learn elephant command & how to ride the elephant
     Ride your own elephantt in the jungle
     Swim & take baht with your elephant in the river
     Learning natural herbal vitamin for elephant
     Cooking papaya salads & lunch together
16.30-17.00 Transport back to Chiang Mai

This tour include:
Transportation, photo CD, lunch, drinking water, and mahout outfit
(Our entire program is insured)

Price list;

Y1 1 person / elephant 3,500 THB / person
Y2 2 persons / elephant  2,500 THB / person 

Photo Gallery

Swim and bath in the river with Elephants Elephant riding Acrobatic Fun with Elephants
Stand on your Elephant Try some Yoga on an Elephant Feed it lunch
Play and have Fun with your Elephant Learn Elephant commands Enter into your Elephant's World