Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai

Price : 500 - 700 baht Time : 10.00 am.-10.00 pm.

Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai 

We have a daily private car, mini bus for Round trip.

But join mini bus with group Round trip to visit Tiger Kingdom, Snake farm and Monkey School. We have service on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

There are 3 times for join mini bus 9.00-09.30 am., 13.00-13.30 pm. and 16.00-16.30 pm.

Cost per person: 250 baht.

Playing with the Tigers at Tiger Kingdom Mae Rim, Chiang Mai.

This is not a Zoo but a combination of Tiger Park and Restaurant.

The Tiger Kingdom is the Ultimate for big cat lovers. you will see tigers, they are not aggressive as you think.

Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai is a fairly new attraction in the area of Mae Rim. Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai is a park and restaurant where you can play and touch with tigers and also have a good lunch here.

Restaurants open daily from 09.00 am until 09.00 pm serving international food and Thai food.

At the Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai, You can choose to play and touch puppy tigers, small tigers and big tigers. There is friendly staff helping you with your choice.

The Park, the costs of admission/play with tigers in enclosures, you can choose
* Baby Tiger = 700 baht / person ( 15-20 minutes in building)
* Small Tigers =500 baht / person(15-20 minutes in building)
* Medium Tiger = 500 baht / person (15-20 minutes in enclosure)
* Big Tiger = 600 baht / person(15-20 minutes in enclosure)

Walk around 250 baht / person 

Open daily: 09.00 am. – 18.00 pm.

The suitable time for play with the Tigers should be around 10.00am until 06.00 pm.

Address: 51/1 moo 7 Rimtai , Mae-rim Chiang Mai 50180
Location: It is about 14KM.(30 minutes) from Town and within a kilometers at Traffic light from the Chiang Mai - Fang main road.

Photo Gallery

play with tigers in enclosures Visit and play with the Tigers in encloser Touching the Tiger at Tiger Kingdom
Playing the Tiger at Tiger Kingdom Touching the Tiger at Tiger Kingdom Playing the Tiger at Tiger Kingdom
Touching the Tiger at Tiger Kingdom Visit the Tigers in encloser Visit the Tigers in encloser