3 days 2 night Elephant Trekking (The Way of Mahout Learning Program)

Price : 12,500 Time : 3 days 2 nights course

The Way of Mahout Learning Program in 3 days 2 nights

This Mahout course is the most popular activity at Thai Elephant Conservation Center.If you are the real elephant lover, training program is very suiteable for you.

Day 1: 
08.00 am.           Register, Receive a handbook and mahout suit
09.00 am.           Ceremory respect to GRANETCHA (God of elephant)
09.30 - 11.30 am Learn about elephant information and elephant command words  Introduce the mahout, elephant and start training
11.30 am.           Ride elephant to visit the elephant hospital and baby elephants
12.00 am.           Lunch
1.15 pm.             See how mahout bath the elephant 
1.30 pm.             See the elephant show
 2.00 pm.            Visit the elephant dung paper factory
2.20 pm.             Ride elephant back to the college
2.30 pm.             Learn to put the chain on the elephant neck
3.00 pm.             Take your elephant for bathe and ride elephant into the jungle to be chain
4.00 pm.             Free time
6.00 pm.             Dinner

Day 2:
07.00-08.00        Collect elephant in the jungle and take it to bathe
08.30 am.           Have breakfast and prepare overnight bag to stay in the jungle for 1 night
09.00 am.           Go to the jungle
11.30 am.           Arrive at the camp
12.00 am.           Lunch
13.30 pm.           See the waterfall ,collect bamboo and firewood
15.00 pm.           Learn about mahout's way of life
17.30 pm.           Dinner

Day 3: 
06.00 am.           Wake up and prepare breakfast
07.00 am.           Breakfast
08.30 am.           Collect the elephant and take it for a bath; Prepare your belonging to go back to the college
11.00 am.           Arrive college
11.30 am.           Certificate awards
12.00 am.           Lunch
13.00pm.            Free time and pack your belongings; Saying goodbye

Cost : 12,500 ฿ per person  (Minimum 2 people)

Price Includes: All meals, Accommodation, Insurance, Mahout suit.

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Elephant riding at Thai Elephant Conservation Lampang Elephant Bathing at Thai Elephant Conservation Lampang